How to install Captcha on your WordPress Blog

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In a previous article I had a chance to discuss a bit about the Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) is defined as a useful tool to differentiate between a true visit on your blog or just as a spam bot so that the application will need to be highly in the captcha spam could at elimination. and for users of wordpress blogs with a paid domain and hosting you should find the captcha that is easily done by visitors that visitors do not feel irritated especially to leave your blog

Here’s a tutorial how to install Captcha plugin in your WordPress Blog in a simple form so as not to complicate the visitors

1. Download the captcha plugin from
2. Upload the captcha on your blog, then enable
3. press the settings button on the dashboard, and then click the Captcha plugin has just been activated
4. you will be taken to the Captcha Page Options

5. check box which I marked in red, but you can check the box for others to taste such as Minus you can replace that box write a plus. Select an easily done by visitors. On the column Label bearing the Capcha in form you can fill in the sentences to taste, for example, “Sorry a lot of spammers!”
6. after complying with the option key press Save Changes.
7. install captcha plugin view results are located under the comment column. If the captcha is yet to appear please repeated again from scratch

How to install Captcha on prinspinya the same, essentially do not vex visitors which will give these in your article.

Resolve the CAPTCHA error on a wordpress blog

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Loss incurred by some application activity, plugin, widget on a blog could lead to overall performance even from the blog into a crash or does not function as it should and there is little tips for problems that are often in natural by wordpress users

The RSS feed is not valid:
There are some scripts that make the crash file feeds (sitemap or rss) that makes the feed or feeds from the blog becomes not validated servername by feedburner and a provider of other rss reader this is caused by a number of factors one of which was the installation of the plugins don’t support with blogs you have or in the plugin settings, so that RSS cannot be validated servername by feed reader
To the above issue, you suggest to commits all Non-active, and then activate the plugins one by one to test the validity of the blog in your rss validator

Structure of the irregular Blog
How to resolve: how to restore the view to its original settings, if you look at the produce perfect, means there is a script that you put in the wrong theme, try check 1 by one PHP file/script

The Blog could not be opened because of a database error
How to fix: Check your wp-config.php file in the public_html file manager (you can use the ftp file manager such as filezilla) edit the configuration, customize according to data servers

The Blog is experiencing Time Out when opened with the browser
There are 2 possibilities that internet connection and network server encountered down
If the server is experiencing this problem down the toughest because of the content of the blog can not open and time out How to solve: you can do a test through one of the site’s Web server monitoring provider traffic one entry on the following site by filling in the url address

A little advice, backup your blog database download file in wp-content is at least a minimal 1. php, a week when experiencing errors, suspend, blocked so we need not be anxious and worried because of the input material is pretty much if the data is not in the resulting backup data will be lost for granted
Don’t forget to always repair and optimize database companions in phpmyadmin to make your blog more optimized performance

Video Call Between platforms, Android-iPhone

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If the iPhone and iPad have Facetime, then Android users never need to grieve. In addition there is a video call via 3 g services, can also use Facetime video call with an application that is named Tango Tango Application was developed by developers, and you can get it for free in addition to be able to connect between Android phones, you can do so with mobile phones, such as iPhone iOS platform

For those of you who are interested please follow the following tutorial to download and installation
1.Download via Android Market

2. Install, activate the application

3. fill in the account number entered tango, your mobile phone, the following email

4. After the registration process is finished, then you could do a video call with your friends

5. Tango Phonebook you can get from your phone contacts with the way at refresh

6. this service you can enjoy even though had no pulse, the deal only you must be connected to the internet, either via wifi or data plan operators

I hope this tutorial can increase your knowledge thanks

Playstation Android

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To play a few games on PS1 emulators you need some PS1 games and psx bios for android devices you can download in the android market

After the emulator is in the download, there are a few more settings step you must do following his tutorial
1. create a special folder on your external SD card to put the bios file
For example: GamePsx

2. Install the application emulator PS-1 on HP android (FPse)

3. Install application psx bios

4. do the bios settings, go into the settings-system-Bios Loading

5. then the bios file browser corresponds to the folder that you created earlier

6. click the Default menu Config Save (save as default config)

7. next browsing games PS-1 use the game or the extension ISO/Bin and other formats for setting stick can be accessed on the input menu when the game is being played

Improve the performance of android phones

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Mobile phones and tablet Android armed by the processor that is in charge to maintain the performance and stability of the device during use, Then there is also the role of memory (internal) that is needed to save the ‘ cache ‘ in order to make the device more easily if we repeat the same command at another time. usually when the performance of the device starts to feels slow, then the second component is having problems

How to solve it? We will give you several solutions you can try

Reset Device

The application or game Android installed using more memory if it has been installed that is, when you download a 10 MB application from Android Market, then once installed the unused memory capacity can be a 20 MB or even more as a result, the performance of HP become slow because its Android mobile phones capable of running multitasking, it is worth noting also the widget-widget on the homescreen You more and more and beranimasi, then the performance of your device will also be increasingly drained. Similarly, the use of Live Walpaper, if your device does not have a high specification, consider using a standard wallpaper only

Use The Application

1.Optimus Root Memory Optimizer

There are some applications that can be used to organize automatically when memory capacity was already on the threshold of the ability of one is Optimus Root Memory Optimizer made Soapbox Apps. This application aims to improve the system’s performance and battery life with Android internal memory settings adjust this application provides 3 different settings i.e., Moderate, balanced and Extreme

2.Advanced Task Killer

This application can be said quite simply because once you get into it, will be directly visible applications – applications that are currently running. Stay mark where you want to disable, select “KILL selected apps” and this application can also be arranged in auto start

3.App 2 SD

One of the reasons mobile phones running slow is too many apps installed in internal memory if you have a large capacity memory card, while your device can not install automatically in the external memory, just use the application made by Sam Lu and Move the applications installed on the device, but with a note that you use at least Android Froyo 2.2

4.Dr saver+a Task Killer

application has a function to save battery life with Android and displays the battery status including temperature

5.ES File Explorer

This application has many functions including file manager: copy, Paste, Cut, Move, Create, Delete and Rename, Share, Send) like on the computer, set the application as well as backup, compress and Unpack ZIP files, decompresses the map RAR files, displaying a variety of formats, document and photo, video as a media text viewer and editor, search media files

But of the many applications that have been described, there is a best way i.e. by doing a ‘ root ‘ But because of the way it had a big risk, then it is tutorial1zone only recommends ways that simple and safe to do
Hopefully useful.